About Us

Frustration Turned Innovation

When I got my first motorbike, a Kawasaki Ninja 300, I was stoked. I bought an Arai helmet, two Dainese jackets, the gloves, two boots and the pants. I loved the bulk the kevlar gave me on the bike (and so does my wife). The issue was never where my gear was while I was riding. It was where my gear was when I got home. Sound familiar?

It didn't happen right away, but after getting to know the local riders and some not so local guys who went cruising, it became obvious that I wasn't the only one with the problem.

"You can't store that in MY wardrobe..." was a common Wifey complaint.

 Let's be realistic, gents. Our jackets, dry riders, racing body suits, helmets and boots don't bloody fit in the wardrobe anyway. Never mind the fuel cap pouches, chain brushes, the list goes on.

Me with my brand new Ninja 300 in Cronulla.

No. We needed another solution.

We needed a Bike Storage Wardrobe that was strong, durable, and most importantly fit all the accessories. Something that made leaving and getting home just as awesome as the ride itself. 

Thus, the Motorbike Gear Storage Cupboard was born.